Atlantica Trasporti

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Since 1993, Atlantica Trasporti srl has been operating in the sector of third-party logistics for companies in the perishable food products market with double-temperature vehicles for the transport of chilled and frozen products. Our company provides extremely flexible and organised logistic support services for warehouse management and delivery of products that require the use of controlled-temperature refrigerated storage.

At every stage of the process, from warehouse management to goods delivery, Atlantica guarantees continuous customised assistance and information. Online connections and an integrated information system provide updates on order progress, stock situation and shipment management.
Our premises comprise:

  • 5300 m2 room-temperature sheltered area
  • 2500 m2 chilled storage area (0/+4C°)
  • 300 m2 frozen storage area (-25C°)

Product traceability, expiry date management and cold chain certification characterise our technologically-advanced and highly organised service.

Atlantica trasporti company